Modal Verbs Test 1

Choose the appropriate modal verbs to complete the sentences.

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Modal Verbs Chart
Auxiliary Verbs

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1. Fortunately, I .... working alone otherwise I would have got really bored at the night shift.

A) was supposed to
B) was to
C) was used to
D) would
E) used to

2. I don't think it was a good idea to intervene, instead, you .... your child to abandon the habit of thumb-sucking gradually, all by himself.

A) have allowed
B) had allowed
C) must have allowed
D) were able to allow
E) could have allowed

3. After the voyaging ship was wrecked during a storm at sea, unfortunately, only two of the men on board .... swim to the small island nearby.

A) might
B) were supposed to
C) could
D) were able to
E) had to

4. I don't know why she didn't ask me how to do it as I ---- her.

A) must have helped
B) could have helped
C) might help
D) should have helped
E) could help

5. Martin ---- my tennis racket without asking my permission. I got really angry with him.

A) needn't have taken
B) must not have taken
C) shouldn't have taken
D) didn't need to taken
E) might not have taken

6. I don't know why Peter is so late; do you think he ---- lost coming here?

A) may get
B) could get
C) must have got
D) might have got
E) was to have got

7. What ---- to Phil? He said he ---- here at eight o'clock.

A) might have happened / will be
B) should have happened / has been
C) may happen / will have been
D) would happen / is
E) can have happened / would be

8. One of the US national security advisers ---- there ---- better intelligence sharing before the September 11 attacks.

A) had acknowledged / can be
B) acknowledges / might be
C) has acknowledged / could have been
D) acknowledged / must be
E) would acknowledge / will have been

9. We all think that Maria ---- an interesting person to meet as we ---- a lot of stories about her so far.

A) is / had heard
B) can be / heard
C) might have been / hear
D) would be / have heard
E) will be / will have heard

10. As a young woman who had never given birth before, she ---- what the experience of childbirth ---- like.

A) doesn't know / will be
B) may not know / is
C) must not have known / will be
D) may not know / would be
E) couldn't have known / would be

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