Must Have/Should Have + V3 Exercise

Choose or fill in: Must have V3 or Should have V3 to complete the sentences for the following exercise.

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Could/Should/Would/Must Have + V3
Should Have / Must Have

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Needn't Have / Didn't Have To
1. We (take) the wrong turn. I don't think we are close to Wyoming at all.

2. You (consult) your parents before you decided on moving out.

3. Darrel (skip) the class today, he missed a lot from today's lecture.

4. Someone (steal) my I-pad, because I am positive that it was here before the break.

5. Alex has got the highest grade on the last exam. He (study) hard this time.

6. Karen is very angry with me, I (do) something to upset her without knowing.

7. Your essay was full of mistakes. You (not / proofread) it before you turned it in.

8. Your essay was full of mistakes. You (proofread) it before you turned it in.

9. My dad is late for dinner again. He (be stuck) in traffic.

10. We (not / spend) all of our money on clothes. We don't have enough for food now.

11. I left Tony two voicemails, but he hasn't called me back yet. (be) very busy all day.

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