No / Every Compound Forms

Nobody (No one) - Nothing - Nowhere

Nobody (no one) - nothing and nowhere are negative words. We can’t use any other negative word such as not / never in the same sentence.

There is nobody in the office.
There is nothing in the box.
We went nowhere yesterday.

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Everybody (Everyone) - Everything - Everywhere

Everybody (everyone) - everything and everywhere are singular words that we use both in affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences.

Everybody in the class was reading books.
We bought everything we needed for the dinner.
Mrs. Dennis looked everywhere, but she couldn't find her purse.
I studied very well. I know everything about this lesson.

Quick Exercise

Fill in the blanks with appropriate no / every compounds.
(capitalize where necessary)

1. went to see him last night. He was alone.

2. at work was very busy and tired.

3. knows her better than I do.

4. I would give to own a Lamborghini.

5. Jenny had no appetite. She ate .

6. Where have you been? I was looking for you .

7. She was at home all day. She went .

8. is afraid of tsunami in Haiti.

9. Charles knows in this city.

10. I didn't know the party was today. told me.

11. Marta disagrees with . I can't stand her.

12. Where are you going? .

13. I don't know why Eli is crying. I did to her.

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Correct answers:

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