Non-Progressive Verbs Exercise

Complete the following sentences with progressive or non-progressive verb forms.

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Non Progressive Verbs List

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Verb Tenses
1. The flowers (smell) very nice.

2. Give me 10 minutes, I (have) lunch right now.

3. That couch (look) so comfortable.

4. (you / think) buying a house?

5. My friend (have) a cabin in Miami.

6. I (think) I am going to retire next year.

7. What are you doing?
I (smell) every flower in my backyard.

8. I (love) you so much.

9. I (see) what you mean.

10. I am looking at her right now and she (look) gorgeous in that dress.

11. She (look) at the guy behind you.

12. I (remember) now how we danced with you that night.

13. (you / need) my help?

14. The soup (taste) amazing.

15. Being a designer (sound) so cool.

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