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Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences

1. In the evenings, I often play chess with my next door neighbor. I ---- chess with him ever since I ---- to live here ten years ago.

A) have been playing / came
B) play / came
C) have been playing / have come
D) am playing / have come
E) have played / have come

2. Ann ---- her driving test three times because she's so bad at reversing. But she ---- reversing since last week and i think she has got a bit better at it.

A) has failed / has been practicing
B) failed / practiced
C) failed / was practicing
D) fails / practices
E) has failed / is practicing

3. I have been waiting for the prices of the houses to come down before buying one, but I think I ---- too long and the prices ---- to go up again.

A) am waiting / are beginning
B) wait / began
C) am waiting / began
D) have waited / are beginning
E) waited / were beginning

4. Last year, I experienced how tedious long plane trips could be. i ---- In an airplane for fairly long distances before that, but never as long as when I went to Australia last June.

A) have never flown
B) didn't fly
C) have flown
D) had flown
E) hadn't flown

5. This bicycle ---- In our family for fourteen years. My father used it for the first five years, my brother rode it for the next five and I ----it for the last four.

A) is / have had
B) had been / had
C) has been / have had
D) was / had had
E) has been / had

6. It's a great pity you didn't come to London with us last summer, As you --- it before, it ---- a wonderful holiday for you.

A) hadn't seen / would have been
B) have never seen / will surely be
C) didn't see / has been
D) didn't see / had been
E) haven't see n / was

7. Yesterday at a restaurant, I saw Sally, an old friend of mine. I had not see n her for years. At first, I ---- her because she ---- at least 20 kilos.

A) didn't recognize / lost
B) didn't recognize / will lose
C) didn't recognize / had lost
D) hadn't recognized / lost
E) haven't recognized / had lost

8. Our committee is trying to raise money to buy a new lifeboat. By the end of the year, we ---- out 5.000 letters asking for contributions.

A) were to send
B) will send
C) will be sending
D) will have been sending
E) will have sent

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