Prepositions Practice Worksheet 4

Fill in the blanks with the suitable prepositions.

1. Some people are very keen ---- working in a team, but some others don't like depending on others.

2. I'm terribly bored of having that day- .... -day battle with my manager, so I'm planning to resign.

3. My son is mad ---- science and technology. I guess he'll become an engineer.

4. I wish I were experienced ---- the field of marketing.

5. People who are good ---- making friends usually work in the field of trade, which requires having good communicative skills.

6. Most office workers are fond ---- having frequent coffee breaks.

7. I wish my daughter were interested ---- learning foreign languages.

8. In the competitive business world, one has to be perfect ---- communicating with customers.

9. Working at a big company will certainly enable you to have a large circle ---- friends.

10. Everyone hopes to get a job with prospects ---- promotion, but not many people manage to do so.

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