Present Progressive Spelling Rules

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Most Common Rule

We add only "ing" to most of the verbs.


Rule 2

When we don’t pronounce the last "e" of a verb (when it’s not strong), we drop it.


I am writing an e-mail right now. (the last letter “e” is silent)

Note: when the last letter "e" is strong, we cannot drop it.

I am seeing my dentist today. ( see.....seeing)

Rule 3

When the verb has one-syllable and ends with consonant + vowel + consonant (CVC rule), we double the last consonant and then add "ing".


Note: the letters "w – x and y" are exceptions to this rule. fix.....fixing

Rule 4

When the verb has two or more syllables and ends with consonant + vowel + consonant (CVC), we double the last consonant if the last syllable is stressed.


Rule 5

We change “ie” to “y” for the verbs ending in those letters.


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