Quantifiers Answers

Complete the following exercise with the correct quantifiers, choosing from the items given.

1. We are going to be late. There is too (much / many) traffic.

Yeah, the (amount / number) of people driving is incredible.

I've never seen this (much / many) cars.

2. Can you bring soda to the picnic? I don't have (some / any).

Yeah, I think I've got (some / any) left over from the party.

3. How do you feel about your new job? Do you have as (much / many) responsibilities as you used to?

The job is great. I have about the same (amount / number) of work to do as before, but I have (less / fewer) stress and (less / fewer) problems.

4. How do you think you did on the test? I think I did (little / a little) better than last time, maybe even (a lot / many) better. What about you?

Well, I think I probably made (few / a few) mistakes, but I have the feeling I did well overall.

5. Mr. President, do you think (much / many) of your proposed legislation will be passed by Congress during this session?

Yes I think (a great deal / a great many) of our proposals will be approved. We're not taking (nothing / anything) for granted, though. We still have (a great deal of / a great many) work to do.

The polls say that there's (little / a little) support nationwide for your military program. Isn't that going to hurt you?

Not in the long run, no. (Few / A few) of the voters actually support the military system the way it is now. I think we will be successful.