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Structure of Sugar

Atoms of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are put together to make molecules of sugar -a carbohydrate food substance. The carbon comes from carbon dioxide gas in the air. Air enters through holes, called stomata, in the plant's leaves. The hydrogen and oxygen come from water. The water is taken up from the soil by the plant's roots. The light energy is trapped by a special chemical called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is green and gives green plants their color. The gas oxygen is left over at the end of photosynthesis and goes into the air.

1. It is clear in the passage that ----.

A) all the gases come from the air through the stomata
B) plants' seeming green is owing to a substance called chlorophyll
C) the water is split up by a chemical reaction in the plant's leaves
D) the carbon enters the plant by means of its roots
E) the only outcome of photosynthesis is oxygen

2. Water ----.

A) can be used in photosynthesis interchangeably
B) is the converted form of trapped light energy
C) is the product of both photosynthesis and gases
D) is crucial since it provides the plant with oxygen and hydrogen
E) can be turned into carbon dioxide during the photosynthesis

3. It could be concluded from the passage that ----.

A) gases, water and light are absorbed and turned into sugar and oxygen
B) water is absorbed through the holes of leaves
C) chlorophyll is not used in the photosynthesis as a chemical
D) absorbed carbon is doubled in the reaction and emitted back
E) the roots of the plants are the canals where the reaction takes place

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