Reported Speech Tense Chart

When we convert from direct speech to indirect speech, the tense of the sentence changes. See the chart below to understand direct to indirect speech tense shift.

Direct SpeechIndirect Speech
Simple Present

Greg said, "I am an English teacher."
Simple Past

Greg said that he was an English teacher.
Present Continuous

Edward said, "I am watching the news."
Past Continuous

Edward said that he was watching the news.
Simple Past

Silva said, "I went to school yesterday."
Past Perfect

Silva said that she had gone to school the day before.
Present Perfect

Captain said, "I have built a ship."
Past Perfect

Captain said that he had built a ship.
Future Tense

Eli said, "I will buy the book tomorrow"
Future in the past

Eli said that she would buy the book tomorrow.
Present Perfect Progressive

She said, "I have been waiting for two hours."
Past Perfect Continuous

She said that she had been waiting for two hours.
Conditional (Future Possible)

My mom said to her, "If you come tomorrow, I will introduce you to my husband."
Conditional (Present Unreal)

My mother told her that if she came the next day, she would introduce her to her husband.
Conditional (Present Unreal)

Lori said to William, "If you loved me, you would say it."
Present Unreal

Lori told William that if he loved her, he would tell her.

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