Short ESL Articles 22 

Short ESL Article 22 - Women Taking the Husband's Name

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Answer the questions according to the reading article

Women Taking the Husband's Name

Many women in Western society, aware of the power of names to influence identity, are aware that choosing how to identify themselves after marriage can be a significant decision. They may follow the tradition of taking their husband's last name, hyphenate their own name and their husband's, or keep their birth name. One fascinating survey indicates that a woman's choice is likely to reveal a great deal about herself and her relationship with her husband. Women who take their husband's name place the most importance on relationships. On the other hand, women who keep their birth names put their personal concerns ahead of relationships and social expectations. Female forms of address influence others' perceptions as well. Research conducted in the late 1980s showed that women who choose the title Ms give the impression of being more achievement oriented, socially self-confident, and dynamic but less interpersonally warm than counterparts who prefer the more traditional forms Miss or Mrs.

1. According to the passage, women who take their husband's name ----.

A) are achievement oriented
B) give importance to their relationship
C) are considered somewhat selfish by others
D) are usually the dominant partner in the marriage
E) don't like to be called by the title Ms

2. We conclude from the passage that the names and titles women choose after getting married ----.

A) actually reveal a lot about themselves
B) concern others, especially their husbands, a great deal
C) have nothing to do with how women perceive their relationships with
        their husbands
D) have caused a great concern in Western societies since 1980s
E) show whether they are successful or not

3. It is stated in the passage that women who use the title Ms ----.

A) are generally very warm and sensitive
B) tend to be traditional in their outlook regarding marriage
C) like to show that they are more achievement oriented
D) are somewhat considered as selfish by others
E) are the ones who use both their husband's and their own last name

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