Short Reading Passage 40

Answer the questions according to the reading.

Experimenting on Animals

Life processes are similar in all animals with backbones. So physiologists can find out a lot about the human body by studying animals such as frogs, rats and rabbits. Sometimes research involves the death of these animals. But physiologists take great care not to hurt the animals. The animals are usually put to sleep during the experiments so they do not feel pain. Many people think animals should not be used for experiments. But it is only by physiological research that medicine has been able to advance. Polio is a disease that attacks the nerves. Millions of people have been protected from polio by a fluid called a vaccine. Tissue from monkeys is used to make the vaccine.

1. According to the passage, ----.

A) animals with bones are of no great importance in experimental
B) animals can die if not vaccinated by experimental team
C) although many people resist against animals being utilized in
        researches, it is necessary
D) by the help of experimental researches, millions of people have been
        protected against rats and frogs
E) rats, frogs and rabbits are grown for only experimental researches

2. Experimental researches ----.

A) are of paramount significance for the polio infected monkeys
B) are the mere way that medicine can progress
C) are carried out to remove infected tissues from the animals
D) include only reptiles to discover the vaccines
E) can be hazardous as much as polio

3. It's clearly stated in the passage that ----.

A) millions of people have been killed by polio disease so far
B) physiologists can cure rats, rabbits and frogs as well as people
C) experimental animals are first put to sleep and then used for research
D) monkeys are usually infected with polio
E) the discovery of the remedy to fatal diseases lies in using monkeys

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