Simple Present vs Present Progressive 4

Use the verbs in the box in either Simple present or Present continuous tense.(use a slash (/) to separate the blanks)

Do (x2)WashStudyWorkWear
DislikeDesign Open Close Be

1. My father ---- as an architect. At the moment he ---- a living room.

2. Anna and I ---- (not often) the bus to school but today we ---- to arrive early.

3. Look! Peter ---- the dishes although he ---- doing daily chores .

4. My sister has a very important exam, so she ---- hard these days.

5. Sandra ---- a jacket today in case it rains.

6. Banks ---- at 9am and ---- at 7pm but holiday schedules ---- different.

7. Tina isn’t at home at the moment. She ---- a walk with her mother.

8. Sophie and Kate ---- three times a week because they ---- exercising.

9. My brother always ---- his homework after dinner but today he ---- it earlier.

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