Since vs For Exercises 1

Fill in the following sentences by using for or since.

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1. They have been living in Madrid 1972.

2. He has been in prison four years.

3. He has known about the fact a long time.

4. Conditions have changed a lot we were children.

5. Our teacher has been very ill the last month.

6. I haven't eaten anything twenty-four hours.

7. In fact he is always very rude. We have been waiting for him half an hour.

8. I haven't seen him for three years. It is because I haven't been there I left school.

9. I have been trying to mend this old fashioned car hours.

10. One of my friends has been teaching in Tokyo three years. I haven't met him since last year.

11. I haven't enjoyed myself two weeks since I heard that my final exam grades were low.

12. I know that you have never seen a lion you were born. Then now I say that we can go to the zoo and see one.

13. The police have been looking for him for two weeks he escaped from the prison.

14. He hasn't spoken to me even a word the last meeting.

15. I haven't phoned him a week.

16. He has been the principal of our high school 1988.

17. Dean has been learning Japanese two years.

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