Subject Verb Agreement Exercise

A singular subject must always be matched with a singular verb, and a plural subject must always be matched with a plural verb. See details below for subject verb agreement rules with examples.

The verb is affected only when in PRESENT tense, for the THIRD person.

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Subject Verb Agreement

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Subject Verb Agreement Exercise
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Tense Agreement
Verb Tenses Chart
1. Anna and I (go) to the movie theater every friday.

2. Those apples (taste) so good that I can't stop eating them.

3. My mother never (come) with us to the beach.

4. Jose (cry) all the time.

5. Fifi (bury) his toys in the yard.

6. We (spoil) our daughter too much.

7. The radio (turn off) by itself time to time.

8. It (be) always nice to go on a family road trip.

9. The children (sleep) early.

10. All of our energy (go) into learning English.

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