Subjunctive That Clause

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Sentences Using Subjunctive Expressions With That-Clause

1. Lisa said, "Please don't open the window, Ken." (ask)
1. She asked that he not open the window.

2. Kay said, "You'd better call the police, Sam." (urge)
2. She urged that he call the police.

3. Jerry said, "Why don't you slow down same, Tom?" (suggest)
3. He suggested that Tom slow down same.

4. Mrs. Davis said, "Turn down your stereo, Patrick." (demand)
4. She demanded that he turn down his stereo.

5. Steve said, "Please don't fix any dinner for me, mother." (request)
5. He requested that she not fix any dinner for him.

6. The colonel said, "All aircraft must return to the base immediately." (order)
6. He ordered that all aircraft return to the base immediately.

7. I want you to be on time this evening. (urge)
7. I urge that you be on time this evening.

8. He wants us not to create a new category. (ask)
8. He has asked that we not create a new category.

9. He told the boy not to go beyond the sidewalk. (insist)
9. He insisted that the boy not go beyond the sidewalk.

10. Airline passengers ought to check in 30 minutes before their flight. (suggest)
10. They suggested that the airline passengers check in 30 minutes before their flight.

11. Mrs. Rath said, "You should exercise more, Mr. Ross." (advise)
11. Mrs. Rath advised that he exercise more.