Tense Agreement Exercise

Complete the sentences in correct tenses. Pay attention to the tense agreement.

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Tense Agreement

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Verb Tenses Chart
Subject Verb Agreement
1. Before Kyle was elected as the President, he (be) the governor.

2-3. After they (return) from their dive yesterday, some of the divers (undergo) decompression.

4-5. In chess, when your king (be) trapped, the game (end).

6-7. After the emperor (conquer) European and Asian territories in the sixteenth century, he (turn) his attention to the rest of the world.

8-9. Derek (live) in North America for 25 years before he (decide) to move to Nice.

10-11. The people (not realize) the extent of destruction caused by the earthquake until the media (disclose) the facts last week.

12-13. By the time you (graduate) next year, I (retire) from my job.

14. Throughout history, mankind always (wonder) if there is life in space.

15-16. Tough most of the members (not arrive) yet, the chairman still (want) to start the meeting.

17-18. Ever since I (start) the course, my English (improve) a lot.

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