Test Taking Strategies

Keep track of your grades on all tests and assignments: If you are having difficulty in class, do something about it as soon as possible; meet with the teacher, ask for help in study group, ask your teacher about getting a tutor.

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Tips For Essay Tests

In-Class Writing Exams

During Tests you Should NOT:

• talk to other students for any reason, even if the other student talks first

• Look around the classroom

• Look at another student's paper, even just to check an answer

• Go into your backpack or book bag

• Look at any notes or materials unless the teacher has said it is OK to do so

• Leave the room for any reason, even to go to the restroom

Before / During tests you Should:

• Go to the restroom before you come to class

• Take out all the materials you will need (paper, pens, pencils, Kleenex, white-out, erasers, etc.) before the test begins

• Put your name on the test paper as soon as you receive it

• Read all the directions for the test very carefully when you first receive it, before you start answering any questions

• Ask only the instructor if you have any questions about the test

• Keep you eyes on your own paper

• Do your own work (entirely by yourself)

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