There Is / There Are Worksheet 2

Choose there is or there are to complete the sentences.

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There Is / There Are + Exercise

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There Is or There Are Worksheet 1
There Is or There Are Worksheet 2

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Singular / Plural Nouns
1. some milk in the fridge.

2. a lot of work to do.

3. two girls in the garden.

4. many people in the supermarket.

5. an umbrella behind the door.

6. little water in the bottle.

7. some mistakes in your calculations.

8. a car in front of the bank.

9. five bedrooms in my house.

10. some students in the classroom.

11. a famous restaurant by the river.

12. no more lying.

13. consequences to our actions.

14. a little puppy in front of the door.

15. always scheduling appointments for the customers.

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