Too or Enough

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It’s used to indicate that something is more or less than necessary.
It always has a negative meaning.


Too + adjective or adverb

  • This exam is too hard.
  • That box is too small.
  • He drives too fast.

  • Too + adjective or adverb + to do something

  • This exam is too hard to pass.
  • That box is too heavy to carry.
  • My brother is too young to drive.

  • Too + many + plural noun

  • There are too many people in this party.
  • We have too many questions to solve.

  • Too + much + uncountable noun

  • We have too much work to do.
  • There is too much noise.

  • Enough

    It’s used to indicate that something is as much or as many as needed; so, unless we use it with a negative structure, it has a positive meaning.


    Adjective or adverb + enough

  • Is your bed comfortable enough?
  • My car is luxurious enough.
  • My wife is beautiful enough.

  • Adjective or adverb + enough + to do something.

  • Is your house comfortable enough to live?
  • We are wealthy enough to buy that car.
  • He runs fast enough to catch me.
  • They are not smart enough to beat us in chess.

  • Enough + plural noun

  • I have got enough bananas.
  • There are enough people to help me.
  • Enough + uncountable noun
  • I have enough money.
  • There is enough milk in the fridge.

  • Too/Enough Quick Exercise

    Choose too or enough.

    1. I can’t drink this coffee because it’s hot.

    2. I couldn't buy that dress because I didn't have money.

    3. We moved to another house because the previous one was small.

    4. I don’t know what to do because I don’t have information.

    5. I was nervous during the interview and I blew it.

    6. He is tall to play basketball in NBA.

    7. I am fast to catch you.

    8. We studied hard to pass the English exam.

    9. There were many cars at the parking lot.

    10. You are young to marry.

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    Too vs Enough Exercise 2

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