Verb Tenses Exercise - Mixed 2

Fill in the blanks using the correct form of the verbs.

1. Hardly had the minister finished his speech when the earthquake (shake) the stadium.

2. Everybody will be at the office at about 08:30 tomorrow as the meeting (start) at nine o'clock.

3. That candidate who we had been interviewed before we (speak) to all the others is still my favorite.

4. While climbing onto the mountain top, I (encounter) a strange animal which I'd never seen before.

5. The chairman was sure that his plan would work out fine as no other member (oppose) it up to that time.

6. I wasn't surprised to hear that Monica (have) an accident as she is a very reckless driver.

7. Since the very first day when the Umbrella Company embarked upon such a dangerous and risky lab-research, very strange incidents (take place) within the research complex.

8-9. Urbanization (always / be) a problem which causes several environmental challenges ever since the rate of migration (increase) after the industrial revolution.

10. When I (come) home this evening, my parents had gone out for a walk.

11. By the time the troops (arrive), the war will have ended.

12. By the year 2020, linguists (study) the Indy-European language family for more than 200 years.

13. Gasoline (become) a major problem for people for the last ten years, therefore, during this time many people have preferred to sell their cars and buy smaller ones.

14. By the time he was 14, Wolfgang Mozart (compose) an enviable number of musical pieces.

15. Nothing in my life (be) so strong to stop me achieve my goals so far and i don't think anything will be.

16. Archaeologists (explain) recently that an ancient underground city around Cappadocia has long wide corridors where there are many special areas for making cheese and wine.

17. I was amazed when he accepted a drink, since I (always / assume) that he was a teetotaler.

18. I (play) tennis tomorrow but I won't be able to do that because I have injured my right ankle.

19. We (visit) the seashore many times before but last summer we enjoyed ourselves more than ever.

20. According to a survey, thousands of vending machines (have to be converted) before the new coins have come into circulation.

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