Words ending with Ever

What do words ending with "ever" mean? Phrases like:
Whatever, whoever, whenever, wherever, whichever, or however

When you add "ever" to the end of a word, it adds the meaning of "any" or "every" to that word.

Whenever you add "ever" to the end of a word, you add the meaning of "any" or "every" to the original meaning of that word.

Any time you add "ever" to the end of a word...

Whatever (thing)

It has a similar meaning to "anything or everything"

You can do whatever you want now that you have finished your homework.
He did whatever he could to pass his class, but he still failed because the class was just too hard for him.

Whenever (time)

It has a similar meaning to “any time”.

He asks me for money whenever he sees me.
Whenever I enter the class I find my students studying.

Wherever (place)

It means “anywhere or everywhere”.

The disciples followed Jesus wherever he went.
You can keep it wherever you want as long as it is safe.

Whoever (person)

It has a similar meaning to “anybody or everybody”.

Whoever scratched my car like this should have at least left a note.
Whoever told you that was wrong.

Whichever (option)

It has a similar meaning to “any out of a specific group”.

Buy whichever you like and I will pay for it.
Whichever hotel you stay in, I am sure you are going to enjoy Las Vegas.

However (in which way)

It has a similar meaning to “whichever way”.

You can't just act however you want, you must be professional.
However you like your steak, just tell them and they will cook it for you.

Wh-ever Words Exercise

Choose the correct "-ever phrase" to complete the sentences.

1. You can come and visit us you like.

2. I will follow him he goes.

3. you do, don't touch the red button.

4. You have three options; choose you prefer.

5. hard you try, it will always have some flaws.

6. I’m tired of everybody blaming me for I do.

7. is the principal must take responsibility right away.

8. I want to go fishing, it rains.

9. Ask you want, they will tell you the same thing.

10. We will do it takes and win that match.

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