Word Fill in the Blank Worksheet 4

Complete each sentence with a word from the list.


1. I don't expect him to change his mind because I know he is very ----.

2. If you want to shop for the latest fashions or expensive souvenirs in New York City, go to Fifth Avenue. It is full of ---- shops.

3. Our teacher is a(n) ---- person, so she easily captivates the interest and attention of the students while she is teaching.

4. My father gets angry with us whenever we make a mistake. He has no ---- for mistakes.

5. Teachers like ---- students who never break their rules.

6. We couldn't see the meteor shower last night because of the ---- weather conditions.

7. You should wait for your turn. You'd better not be so ----.

8. Tom is so ----; he never does his homework and never keeps to his promises.

9. Sarven is so ---- that he sometimes puts his life at risk.

10. Mrs. Smith always tells her daughter not to marry a(n) ---- man, who lies and cheats.

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