Would You Mind Grammar Exercise

We use would you mind to ask for something in a polite way. Fill in the blanks to complete the requests.

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Would you mind

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1. Excuse me. Would you mind (put out) _______________ your cigarette? It's non-smoking area here.
Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know.

2. Ma'am, would you mind (open) _______________ up your luggage? I need to look inside.

3. Would you mind (postpone) _______________ the exam?
No, it's fine, I want everybody to be well prepared.

4. Would you mind if I (use) _______________ your phone to make a call.
Not at all. Go ahead.

5. While we are away, would you mind if you (take care) _______________ of the cat?
I actually can't because I will be out of town.

6. Would you mind If I (close) _______________ the back door. I am freezing.
No, you can close it.

7. Would you mind (turn up) ---- the volume? I can't hear anything.
No, not at all.

8. I can't figure out how to solve this problem. Would you mind (help) _______________ me?

9. Would you mind if I (sit) _______________ down?
No, go ahead.

10. I am not ready for my presentation yet. Would you mind If I (present) _______________ next week?
That's OK. I will give you another week.

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