ESL Short Reading Questions 37

English Short Reading 37 - Written Literature

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Read the article below and answer the questions.

The Origins Of Written Literature

The origins of a written literature can be found in most of the civilizations of the ancient world; in India, China, and among the Jewish people whose great work of literature is taken to present. The start of Western literature is the Old Testament of the Bible. Their greatest single contribution was drama, a form of literature that has continued undiminished to the present day. Other literary forms that developed from the time of the Greeks and Romans onwards have been Poetry in its many different styles and forms; the essay; biography and autobiography; and the novel.

1. According to the passage, ----.

A) the ancient world was based upon the written literature
B) Bible is submitted to the Jewish people as their holy book
C) Western literature is considered to be constructed upon the Greek
D) Greek literature is not the start of western Chinese and Indian
E) the origins of the Poetry can be traced back to Jewish literature

2. Written literature ----.

A) has existed since the civilizations of the ancient world
B) is a branch of drama
C) is established primarily on poetry, biography, autobiography and the
D) is separated into two; oral literature and written literature
E) is as old as the Bible

3. It can be drawn out of the passage that ----.

A) holy book Bible is a form of drama
B) although poetry was invented by Greeks and Romans, it was changed
        considerably by the Chinese
C) the origin of drama is based upon the Old Testament
D) biography and autobiography are the only branches of Roman and
        Greek literature
E) drama has been lasting for centuries contrary to written literature

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