Apostrophe Rules with Exercise

There are three main uses of apostrophe ('):

1. Contracted words:
Apostrophe marks dropped letters.

mustn't-must not / what's-what is

Daniel's money / Nora's son
The car's color / Bicycle's tire

3. Plurals of "non-words":
I only get A's and B's.
Number 7's are the best.

Word + Apostrophe + S ('s)

1. Contraction of "is"

With pronouns, nouns, question words or words like "there" and "here".

There's my best friend. (There is)
Here's Jack. (Here is)
He's my father. (He is)
When's your birthday? (When is)
How's your sister?(How is)
Andre's studying. (Andre is)

2. Contraction of "has"

With pronouns, question words, nouns:

Selena's got homework to do. (Selena has got)
What's happened? (What has)
Frank's had an accident. (Frank has)
It's been a long time since I last saw you.(It has been)

3. Possession

The book's cover (The cover of the book) is torn.
Her daughter's name is Lisa.
My friend's car is red. (The car of my friend)

See Apostrophe + 'S' Exercise

Apostrophe Rules Exercise

Write the correct form of the words in the boxes below. If there are more than one errors, separate corrected words with a space and a hyphen '-' as in the examples.

Find the Apostrophe mistakes and correct them

1. If a person becomes a passive viewer, this is the individuals fault rather than the TV programs.

2. The teachers attitude, presentation of the material, and knowledge of the material being taught reflect on a students opinion of the course.

3. You have to be able to delegate blame. The guys mother did it, his friend did it, the little kid next door did it.

4. It's a hot summer day; you have had a hard days' work.

5. You slam the glass down as the last of the brew falls to it's proper place.

6. During the past century Americans obsession for automobiles has become a recognized fact.

7. But today an automobile can directly reflect the personality of it's owner.

8. He generally has little respect for traffic laws, and no regard for the worlds oil supply.

9. This entails driving your car to a friends house when he only lives a few houses down the block.

10. When I look in my parents closet, I can find almost new running shoes and rackets for tennis and racquetball.

11. A child diet may include more junk food than usual.

12. I want to be successful at what Im doing.

13. The increased work to be done in the shipping and selling of the product would also cause company's to hire more labor.

14. This matter should not be taken lightly, for todays youths are tomorrows adults.

15. TV has contributed to todays tolerance of sex

16. TV has contributed to peoples laziness, especially when it comes to reading.

17. It is a clever little sentence using the products name.

18. TV has helped student's reading and writing more than it has hurt them.

19. The taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for it.

20. Americans illegal sales of marijuana in 1980 amounted to approximately 1.5 billion dollars.

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