Apostrophe 'S' Rules Exercise

Decide whether the apostrophe 's' is possessive 's' or it stands for has/is.

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Apostrophe Rules
1. She's just finished her lunch.

2. Tom’s performing at the stage right now.

3. That’s my car over there.

4. This tournament's winner is John Smith.

5. Lilly's already arrived.

6. Lilly's already inside.

7. Lilly's friend is already inside.

8. Maria's got a clever son.

9. Melisa's taking Zumba lessons.

10. It's my job to protect you.

11. The show is called America's got Talent.

12. Bruce's last name is Bradley.

13. The car's wheels are huge.

14. There are some strangers at the neighbor's property.

15. He's been very quiet lately, he must be sick.

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