Closest in Meaning Exercises 2

For these exercises, find the sentence that is closest in meaning to the one given for each question. These activities will help students improve their reading and understanding skills and prepare for exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, PET, KET, BEC Preliminary...

1. Closest in Meaning Exercise 1
2. Closest in Meaning Exercise 2
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4. Closest in Meaning Exercise 4
5. Closest in Meaning Exercise 5
1. Large cigars have been smoked in Cuba since the sixteenth century, but only a few are manufactured for export.

A) Although large cigars have been smoked since the sixteenth century in Cuba, not many of them are produced for export.
B) Cuba has been exporting large cigars to foreign markets since the sixteenth century but nevertheless only a few people know this fact.
C) In the sixteenth century large cigars were produced in Cuba not only for inland use but also for export.
D) Cuba has been producing large cigars since the sixteenth century however they are not sold in export.
E) Although large cigars have been manufactured in Cuba for a very long time, it was not until the sixteenth century that they were introduced to foreign markets.

2. I have to say that I have never been as comfortable as my brother when telling people what I think.

A) I have never tried to be as comfortable as my brother in telling people what I think.
B) Both my brother and I are comfortable with frankly telling people what they need to know.
C) My brother is less comfortable than me in expressing himself and saying what he feels.
D) My brother has always been more comfortable than me telling people what he thinks about them.
E) I have noticed that my brother has never been comfortable when telling people what he thinks.

3. From time to time there are things we do even though we think they are wrong.

A) Sometimes we might do things that are considered wrong.
B) We often do things because we think they are the right things to do at the time.
C) It is not possible to do everything right in life.
D) We can never be sure if all the things we do are right.
E) Although we feel that the things we sometimes do are not right, we nevertheless do them.

4. Today there is hardly any time for storytelling in homes, whereas it was a life style in the past."

A) Unlike in the past, in our modern world, time is the scarcest value however people can still find time for story telling.
B) Today hardly anyone knows how important storytelling was in the past since everybody is busy with their own lives.
C) Storytelling, which once was a vital part of life, has become significantly less common in the modern era due to lack of time.
D) Although many people can hardly find time for anything other than work, storytelling is still as important as it was in the past.
E) Nowadays, storytelling has become a very important practice since it gives us ideas about the life in the past.

5. Sometimes what is best for society is not always good for an individual living in that society.

A) From time to time, there is a conflict between the benefits of a society and an individual living in that society.
B) Individuals not always seek for the best of the society they live in.
C) It is impossible for an individual to accept the rules of the society he or she lives in.
D) What is best for individuals is always suitable for the society they live in.
E) If everyone acted in his or her own best interest, there wouldn't be any conflict within the society.

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