Sentence Meaning Exercise 4

For these exercises, find the sentence that is closest in meaning to the one given for each question. These activities will help students improve their reading and understanding skills and prepare for exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, PET, KET, BEC Preliminary...

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1. She realized the danger she had been in only after she had read the newspaper the following morning.

A) Although she was aware of the danger, she didn’t get frightened.
B) She realized what kind of dangers one might have had when he was reading a paper.
C) When she read the newspaper, she found herself in a danger she had already realized.
D) She was lucky that she had survived the danger as the papers expressed.
E) She hadn’t been aware of the danger she was in until she read the newspaper.

2. I have persuaded Tom to become the new secretary of the club.

A) I am considering Tom for the job of secretary.
B) I asked Tom to be the secretary of the club and Tom agreed.
C) Tom is wondering whether to accept to be the secretary.
D) Tom begged to become secretary of the club.
E) I offered Tom to take the job but he didn't accept it.

3. We won't be getting married until we have had enough money.

A) We will marry when we have had enough money.
B) We won't be married although we have enough money.
C) We won't marry even when we have had enough money.
D) We will get married because we have enough money.
E) We will marry before we start to earn money.

4. I had known that my mother was sick as a result of a failing kidney, but I had not realized how much trouble my parents were having in dealing with that sickness.

A) Although I had known that my mother was suffering from a failing kidney, I had not realized my parents’ problems caused by this illness.
B) In my childhood I didn’t know my mother’s sickness, so I couldn’t realize how much trouble my parents had.
C) When I learned my mother’s sickness which was the result of a failing kidney, I realized the pain my mother had.
D) I hadn’t realized the problems they had to deal with until my parents told me about my mother’s illness.
E) My parents never realized how much trouble I had to understand my mother’s illness.

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