Because vs Because Of Exercise

Because and because of have the same meaning but they are used differently.

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As / Because / Since / For Differences
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Because (of) / Therefore
Due to / Since / Consequently
1. The president resigned from his duty health issues.

2. his lack of courage, Nathan didn't participate in the competition.

3. I prefer driving I am afraid of flying.

4. I had to take the bus my car broke down.

5. I lost mine, I am going to ask my friend if I can borrow his calculator for the tomorrows exam.

6. It was difficult for me to get a loan my unstable employment.

7. its facilities serve the public very well, this hotel is highly rated.

8. I am not allowed into the club I am not 21 years old yet.

9. All the flights were cancelled the harsh weather conditions.

10. We see each other almost every day we are in the same class.

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