Beginners Vocabulary 12-Booking a Flight

Complete the short dialogue between the customer and the travel agency with the appropriate words from the table.

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1. Customer: Good morning! Is there a to Manchester in the afternoon?

Travel Agent: I am afraid not, Madam.

Customer: Well, what about Edinburgh?

Travel Agent: Yes Madam, there is one today.

2. Customer: What time does the plane ?

Travel Agent: At 4 p.m.

3. Customer: What about time?

Travel Agent: At 7 p.m. It takes about three hours in total.

Customer: How much does it cost?

Travel Agent: $400, Madam.

4. Customer: Great! It is less than I thought.

5. Could you me on it please?

Travel Agent: Of course! May I have your name, please?

Customer: Samantha Richards.

6. Travel Agent: Your is done.

7. Please note that your is BA677. Have a nice day, Ms. Richards.

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