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Vocabulary Exercise / Prepositions

1. Fill in the blanks with the words given.

be mad aboutespeciallytrekkingaward
1. If you don’t like outdoor sports ,you can do ---- sports and enjoy yourself.

2. The youngsters ---- pop music idols and they like putting up their posters on the walls of their rooms.

3. My little brother is keen on ---- his pocket money. When I ask him for it, he never lends me.

4. If you spend lots of hours in front of TV, that means you just ---- your precious time.

5. When an actor receives an ---- his fame becomes double.

6. You mustn’t watch TV shows when you have got a lot of homework. ---- when you have an exam the next day, you had better turn it off entirely.

7. When you ---- me in front of my friends ,I feel embarrassed.

8. My father and I go ---- every morning. That’s why we feel healthy and fit.

9. I don't ---- the meaning of it now. I need to look it up in the dictionary.

10. ---- is a long difficult journey.

11. ---- activities have the same meaning as the free time activities.

12. Maybe an ---- person in the street does not know this but you, as an educated person, must certainly know this.

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