To introduce additional information we use besides. It connects two independent sentences or clauses.

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In Addition - Also

Except For & Apart From
1. We can use "besides" between two sentences.

I have paid a lot of money for the car. Besides, I have paid for the insurance.

If I were you I would accept their offer. Besides, there's no harm in trying.

2. we use "besides" at the end of a sentence as the word "anyway".

Tom is really very kind to me. He is a good colleague, besides.

I don't mind that you went to the concert yesterday. I don't like concerts, besides.

3. We use "besides" followed by a noun / pronoun or Ving.

Besides Tom, Jack and Celine are also coming.

I haven't eaten anything for about 7 hours; Besides being extremely tired.

In breakfast I had two eggs, a slice of cheese and some bread; besides a cup of coffee.


Don't confuse "besides" with "beside" as the latter one has a directional meaning.

He tiptoed into the room and stood beside the wall not to wake up the baby.

My mother told me to go and sit beside her.

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