Except For vs Apart From

Except For / Apart From Similarity

They both have a meaning of "not including".

For Example

The movie was a bit long, but apart from / except for that it was really worth seeing.

I have a little headache, but apart from / except for that I feel good.

Except For / Apart From Difference

"Apart from" can also be substituted with "as well as" or "besides".

Apart from being a good husband, my father is also a good father.

As a teacher, you should always give more importance to classroom management apart from other issues. (except for other issues)


Instead of "Apart from" you can also use "aside from".

"Except for" has the same meaning as "but for".

Except for your help, we wouldn't have managed to finish our assignment on time.(apart from your help)


You can not use except without “for” in the beginning. But if it’s in the middle, “for” is optional.

Except for a few mistakes , this is a good composition. (Except a few mistakes...

This is a good composition except a few mistakes.

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