Both and Neither

Both means "one and the other"

We use both.......and......... to emphasize a combination of two nouns, etc.

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a. Both Remy and Amanda are successful women.
b. Both Chan and Chang can speak English.
c. Both windows are closed.
d. Both hotels are very good.
e. Both San Diego and New York are very beautiful cities.

Neither means 'not one and not the other'. It is used in positive structure but the meaning is negative.

a. Neither players played well.
b. Neither of the girls wanted to go to the game.
c. Neither of the hotels was expensive.
d. Neither of Lilly's parents wants to walk around.


Choose both or neither.

1. Karl and his brother came to the party.

2. of the students were hardworking. They both failed.

3. Pete and Carla were at the party. They enjoyed it a lot.

4. of them were very tired. They went to bed early.

5. of the motels (was) were expensive. They were very

6. of us liked cheesecake very much. We finished all of it.

7. drivers got out and started shouting at each other.

8. of them could repair the car so they had to walk here.

9. of us have been to Miami. Next year we are going to visit

10. Is she American or Canadian? . She is British.

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