Either Or Neither Nor


We use either....or to indicate that there are two possibilities/alternatives. It is also implied that only one of the two will happen but not both.

You either pay me or I will sue you.
(Pay me and no suing happens)
(If no pay, then suing happens)

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a. Either come with me or stay home.
b. Either do your homework or go to bed.
c. You may either watch TV or listen to music.
d. We will either go fishing or camping.
e. The journalist will have an interview either with the president or the prime minister.


Neither ... nor is the negative form of either ... or ... . If singular subject follows both neither and or the verb may be in the singular or plural form.

Neither Jeff nor Choi is going to help us.
Neither Jeff nor Choi are going to help us.

In spoken language, the plural form of the verb is more usual.

a. I was neither tired nor sleepy.
b. Neither my dad nor my mom wears fashionable clothes.
c. Neither Henry nor Clodia likes medicine.
d. Neither lions nor wolves eat grass.
e. Neither Mr. Fisher nor Mr. Huff attended the meeting.

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