Notwithstanding Meaning

Use Of Notwithstanding

Notwithstanding has a wide variety of usages.

Usage 1:

It is a subordinating conjunction similar to "although, though, even though..." followed by a clause.

Notwithstanding he is rich, he never takes a holiday.

I recognized you quickly notwithstanding I hadn't seen you for a long time.
(You can substitute "notwithstanding" with "although, though, even though".)

Usage 2:

It is a transition similar to "but, however, nonetheless, yet..." and it can also be used between two sentences.

I did my best to be approved by the University, notwithstanding, I was refused.

It got dark before we reached the summit of the mountain, notwithstanding, we went on climbing.
(You can substitute "notwithstanding" with "but, however, nonetheless, yet...".)

Usage 3:

It is a prepositional phrase similar to "despite, In spite of..."

Notwithstanding my endeavor to finish my assignment on time, I couldn't manage it.

Notwithstanding the heavy traffic, we arrived our destination on time.
(You can substitute "notwithstanding" with "despite, In spite of...".)

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