Can Yes/No Questions-Answers

Forming Yes/No questions with CAN, how to answer short and long:

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Can WH Questions-Answers
Can / Can't
CanIkissyou?Yes, you can.
No, you can't.
Yes, you can kiss me.
No, you can't kiss me.
CanyouspeakEnglish?Yes, I can.
No, I can't.
Yes, I can speak English.
No, I can't speak English.
cometo the cinema?Yes, he can.
No, he can't.
Yes, he can come to the cinema.
No, he can't come to the cinema.
dance?Yes, she can.
No, she can't.
Yes, she can dance.
No, she can't dance.
a bird
talkYes, it can.
No, it can't.
Yes, it can talk.
No, it can't talk.
Canweleavenow?Yes, we/you can.
No, we/you can't.
Yes, we/you can leave now.
No, we/you can not leave now.
Canyouwaitoutside?Yes, we can.
No, we can't.
Yes, we can wait outside.
No, we can't wait outside.
Cantheysingpop songs?Yes, they can.
No, they can't
Yes, they can sing pop songs.
No, they cannot sing pop songs.

Forming Negative “YES/NO QUESTIONS"

There are two ways of forming negative Yes/No Questions with Can:

1. Can + Object + not
Can you not come today?

2. Can't + Object
Can’t you come today?

See Can WH Questions and Answers Chart