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Forming WH Questions with CAN, how to answer short and long:

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WH Questions
WherecanIgo to?You can go to a cafe' outside.
Whatcanyouplay?I can play soccer.
Howcanhecome here?He can come here on foot.
Whycan'tsheeat and drink?Because she is fasting.
Whocanitbite?It can bite the strangers.
Whencanwevisit you?You can visit us on Monday.
What timecanyoucall me?We can call you at 10 o'clock.
Which citiescantheygo to?They can go to San Francisco or Manhattan.

Who and Which As Subject and Object

Who can you see? (Object)Who can see? (Subject)
I can see Amy. (Long Answer)George can see.(Long Answer)
Amy. (Short Answer)George can / George. (Short Answer)

Which glasses can he wear? (Object)
He can wear the brown glasses. (Long Answer)
The brown glasses/ones (Short Answer)

Which students can come? (Subject)
British students can come. (Long Answer)
British students can / British students. (Short Answer)

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