Can or Can't Exercise

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Complete the following sentences using can or can't.

1. I only speak English. I don't know any other languages.

2. What sports you play the best?

3. A dog be man's best friend, but it can't help with the chores.

4. Open-minded individuals can often foresee possibilities, while narrow-minded people predict the future very well.

5. Fish survive outside the water.

6. you cook?

7. Denis doesn't want to go swimming with us because he swim.

8. It's really dark here, I see anything

9. Parking your car here is against the rules; you park here.

10. I am very hungry I eat everything right now.

11. A cheetah run very fast.

12. you help me?

13. I do my homework, it's too difficult.

14. A baby drive a car.

15. The letters are very small. I read anything.

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