Causative Worksheet 3

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Causative Grammar Rules

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Choose the correct causative verbs or structures to fill in the blanks and complete the sentences.

1. Why don't you have your old car instead of buying a new one?

2. My brother usually makes me his homework.

3. I'm sorry, but I can't let you overnight at your friend's home.

4. I got the plumber the broken pipe.

5. You should have your car .

6. I will let you a break for ten minutes.

7. The Colonel made the soldiers in the hot sun for several hours.

8. I had the roof last year.

9. Military forces had the whole town because of the earthquake.

10. Do you really think you can make me you?

11. We had our marriage photos after the wedding.

12. I got the dry cleaner my suit.

13. I had all our vacation photos .

14. Unfortunately, I had my wallet in the shopping mall.

15. Have you had your kitchen ?

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