Common Suffixes List

See list of common suffixes below along with their meanings and examples associated with each one.

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Common Suffixes
Common Roots List

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Root / Suffix / Prefix
ablecapable ofcapable, attainable
acpertaining toinsomniac, cardiac
acystate or quality ofdemocracy, lunacy
agestate or act ofportage, dotage
alrelating tonasal, rebuttal
anrelating toplebeian, historian
anapertaining to a collectionAmericana, Mozartiana
ancestate or quality ofdistance, sustenance
ancystate or quality ofdormancy, hesitancy
antquality ofdormant, defiant
arone whobeggar, scholar
ariuma place for somethingaquarium, planetarium
aryrelated toelementary, honorary
arya place for somethinggranary, library
ateto causeeducate, exonerate
ateofficedecorate, delegate
ationcause or act of causingdecoration, delegation
clediminutive (small size)follicle, article
cule, culusdiminutivemolecule, musculus
cystate or quality ofdormancy, solvency
cyofficepresidency, captaincy
eeone who receives an actionemployee, payee
eerone whoprivateer, mutineer
eldiminutivecarrel, model
enconstructed ofwooden, woolen
ento makewiden, shorten, fasten
encestate or quality ofaffluence, diffidence, equivalence
encystate or quality offluency, currency
entquality ofnegligent, indolent
erone who, that whichmaker, answer, rubber
ermore (comparative)easier, faster
esceto begin to beconvalesce, phosphoresce
escentbeginning to be, one whopubescent, adolescent
escencestate of beginning to beadolescence, senescence
esqueresembling, in particular stylepicturesque, burlesque
essfemale performer of actionactress, goddess
estmost(superlative)finest, quickest
et, ettediminutivecigarette, banquette
eurone whoposeur, amateur
fyto make or domagnify, beautify, putrefy
ialconcerningfacial, sacrificial, judicial
ianbelonging toArmenian, Bulgarian
iblecapable ofdiscernible, terrible
icstate or quality ofHispanic, Homeric
icconcerning, characterized byaltruistic, dogmatic, cosmic
icalrelated to, characterized byeconomical, physical
icestate or quality ofavarice, novice
ierone whogrenadier, frontier
ilecharacterized by, resemblingtactile, servile
ineresembling, characterized byfeline, pristine
ionstate of, act ofconfusion, creation
ishresemblingchildish, foolish
ismstate of being, doctrinecommunism, heroism
istone whoracist, realist
itenative ofHittite, Israelite
itisinflammationhepatitis, conjunctivitis
ivecharacterized bysuperlative, native
izeto do or makeenergize, baptize
lyresemblinghomely, motherly
mentstate, result of makingabandonment, fragment
monyresulthegemony, matrimony
nessstate or quality ofhappiness, tenderness
oidresemblinganthropoid, trapezoid
orone whodoctor, censor
orstate ofhumor, languor
oriuma place for somethingauditorium, crematorium
orya place for somethinglavatory, dormitory
orycharacterized bypromissory, satisfactory
osefull of, likegrandiose, morose
osisstate of, diseasehypnosis, neurosis
ousfilled withcontemptuous, nervous
ryquality, conditionrivalry, thievery
tionstate or result ofcondition, admiration
tudequality oflongitude, altitude, aptitude
tystate ofquality, humidity
ureresult of, condition, organizationverdure, exposure, nature, pressure

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