Root Prefix Suffix Exercise

Part 1: Noun suffixes create nouns when they are added to other words. (verbs, adjectives...) Answer the questions below and show the noun suffixes in your answers.

1. What do you call someone who studies economics?

2. Noun Suffix:

3. What do you call someone who practice law?

4. Noun Suffix:

5. What do you call someone who conducts an orchestra?

6. Noun Suffix:

7. What do you call someone who does magic?

8. Noun Suffix:

Part 2: Roots have meanings before any suffixes or prefixes added to them. Match the roots with their meanings.


9. bio

10. dict

11. mort

12. port

13. psych

Part 3: Prefixes add certain meanings to the words they are added. Match the prefixes with their meanings.

a. notb. down, or reversalc. against
d. out, out ofe. acrossf. far
g. again, backh. together, withi. self
j. badk. neverl. inside

14. de-

15. auto-

16. co-

17. tele-

18. mal-

19. anti-

20. ex-

21. trans-

22. dis-

23. re-

Correctness =
Correct answers:

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