Prefixes and Suffixes Worksheet

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the words given in the brackets. (American and British English spellings may be different.)

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1. When you start speaking ---- you can never find anyone around you. (DULL)

2. Some TV shows are totally ---- for children. They mustn't watch them. (SUITABLE)

3. Everybody enjoys the companionship of ---- people. (HUMOUR)

4. ---- of speech and belief is extremely important for the health of an individual. (FREE)

5. ---- is an adventurous person who likes long walk. (HIKE)

6. Gary and Kara like to spend a lot of time at the ---- center. (FIT)

7. My best friend and I talk ---- many times. (PRIVATE)

8. If you talk to people ---- you can offend them and they may even react aggressively. (FIERCE)

9. Beckham is very famous and he has thousands of ----.(ADMIRE)

10. Some people enjoy ---- sports like climbing and canyoning.(RISK)

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