Nouns Exercises

A) Complete the exercise with correct forms of the given nouns. Use each noun only one time.

discoverylaboratoryman match
mediumoxpiano tooth

1. The age at which the first tooth appears differs greatly from child to child.

Very occasionally, children are born with one or more .

2. I need some to light the fire.

3. Studies are showing that process information differently from


4. Maria needed some legal advice for her businesses, so she contacted two


5-6. New scientific are made every day in

throughout the world.

7-8. The farmer loaded his cart with of fresh vegetables to take

to market. His cart was pulled by two .

9-10. The north side of the island has no for people to walk on.

There are only steep . No one can climb theses steep walls

of rock.

11. The music building at the university has 27 for students to

play on.

12. People get most of their news about the world through the mass

, that is, through radio, television, the internet, newspapers,

and magazines.

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