Contractions Exercise

Write the long forms of the contracted words.

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1. Here's your suitcase.

2. There'll be a surprise for you next week.

3. There's an amazing beach nearby.

4. That's my friend's car.

5. He isn't very interested in working with you.

6. Who's your new teacher.

7. She's been playing all day.

8. Alan'd be proud of you.

9. I am so late, I'd better go.

10. We're here, everyone get out.

11. I can't believe I am 21.

12. I think that'd be great?

13. Jeremy's such a great writer.

14. I'm really excited about the wedding.

15. He's got some great skills.

16. I'll be outside waiting for you.

17. Let's get to work.

18. We can go whenever you're ready.

19. There're some blueberries in the fridge.

20. Amanda's birthday is coming up.

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