Coordinating Conjunctions

FANBOYS - For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So:

Avoid run-on sentences and other grammatical errors by using connectives. The list of those seven coordinating conjunctions are given here.

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Here are the relationships that the seven coordinators show:


  • Expresses a result-cause relationship.(Because, Since)

    I will get financial aid for college (result), for I applied on the first

    She flew as much as she could (result),for she loved flying.(cause)

    See For / As / Because / Since


  • Chronological order

    I went to the station(first) and waited for half an hour.(second)
    I had breakfast and left for work.
  • Expresses surprise

    He is 13 and he speaks 3 languages?(wow really?)
  • Adding two similar sources.

    His job brought in several thousand dollars a month (a source of $),
    and he got another large sum from an inheritance (a second source).


  • Expresses a relationship of addition like "and", but it's an addition of negatives

    Worms cannot swim, nor can they walk.
    John did not like movies, nor did he care much for television.


  • Expresses opposition between two ideas.

    She bought food but she forgot the drinks.
    I can understand everything but I can't speak very well.

  • Idea of exception

    I like everything but onions.
    This website is about nothing but free English lessons.


  • Indicates alternatives

    You can come with me if you want to or you can stay home.
    We can watch a movie or have dinner outside.


  • It expresses opposition between ideas (just like "but")

    She got the job she wanted, yet she discovered that she hated it.

    Fred is very good at math, yet he is majoring in biology.


  • while for shows a result-cause relationship, "so" shows a cause-result.

    She loved flying(cause), so she flew as much as she could.(result)
    I applied on the first day, so I will get financial aid for college.

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