Correlative Conjunctions

Both and, neither nor, either or, not only but also...

Transitions that always appear in pairs and link sentence elements together are called correlative conjunctions.

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Connects two positives (this and that)

    She is beautiful and she is smart.
    She is both beautiful and smart.

    Both Mia and Katie are coming.

See both...and / neither for details.

Neither ... nor

Connects two negatives(not this not that)

    She is not tall. She is not short.     She is neither tall nor short.

See neither nor details

    Neither my parents nor my friend approves my work.
    Neither my friend nor my parents approve my work.

See neither details

Notice the use of singular and plural verb form

Either ... or

One of two

    She is either 20 or 22 years old.
    You either come with us or I will punish you.

See either or details

Not only...but also

Links two clauses

    She is not only beautiful but also very intelligent.
    He disappointed not only his father but also everybody else around him.

See not only but also details.

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