Determiners and Quantifiers Tests

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences

1. Today, ---- people who enjoy winter sports is much greater than that of twenty years ago.

A) a number of
B) many
C) a great deal of
D) the number of
E) several

2. According to the studies, dolphins, whales and ---- other sea creatures use highly sophisticated navigation systems.

A) any
B) a little
C) many
D) much
E) each

3. The dietary habits of a child often have ---- to do with that child's eating habits as an adult.

A) little
B) whole
C) every
D) a great amount
E) most

4. In the United States of America, there are literacy classes for workers, ---- of whom never graduated from high school.

A) a little
B) much
C) any
D) many
E) a good deal

5. In the first ---- months of life, an infant learns how to lift its head, how to smile and how to recognize its parents.

A) many
B) a lot of
C) any
D) the number of
E) few

6. Serving ---- terms in Congress, Shirley Chisholm became an important United States politician.

A) plenty
B) several
C) a lot
D) much
E) whole

7. Although the language learning abilities of apes have surprised ---- scientists, they generally agree that apes do not progress beyond ---- linguistic abilities of a two-year-old child.

A) few / a
B) a little / the
C) many / the
D) each / a
E) much / the

8. The storm continued for ---- of the days when we were in New Orleans,·but fortunately there wasn't ---- damage in the city.

A) a few / many
B) several / a lot
C) all / a little
D) most / much
E) some / few

9. Heavy fines and jail sentences have made ---- difference in preventing elephant poaching for their tusks.

A) the number of
B) a few
C) little
D) many
E) none

10. Although ---- species of fox are reddish in color, ---- Arctic fox is often pure white.

A) a great amount of / an
B) any / the
C) plenty / the
D) all / an
E) most / the

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