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Free ESL/EFL Reading 64 - Stratosphere

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Answer the questions according to the article.

Stratosphere Layer Of Atmosphere

The stratosphere is a layer of the earth's atmosphere. It lies above the troposphere. It begins 10 miles above the equator and 6 miles above the earth's polar regions. Little moisture enters the stratosphere, so clouds are rare. Even though the stratosphere has complex wind systems, violent storms don't occur there. That's why airline pilots prefer to fly in the stratosphere. Temperatures increase with altitude in the stratosphere. The lower layer has a temperature of 28 degrees Fahrenheit. The upper layer has a temperature of about -67 degrees Fahrenheit. The upper part of the stratosphere is called the stratopause. The stratopause lies 30 miles above the earth's surface. The stratopause contains most of the atmosphere's ozone which shields humans and other living things from ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

1. Stratosphere ----.

A) is between stratopause and the earth
B) is preferred by the planes since it has a smooth air condition
C) consists of the ozone which keeps the stratosphere cool and smooth
D) has different levels above the equator and the polars due to air warmth
E) is sixteen miles high from the earth in total

2. It's stated in the passage that ----.

A) the thickest layer of atmosphere is stratosphere
B) airplanes are unable to fly in the lower layer of atmosphere
C) the temperature in the stratosphere increases as the height increases
D) the stratopause also consists of the troposphere
E) the ozone layer is thicker above the equator while it's shallow above
        the polars

3. It's given in the passage that ----.

A) clouds are rare above the polar regions
B) the highest layer of the atmosphere is stratopause
C) as there is very little humidity in the stratosphere it's impossible to see
        violent winds there
D) clouds can get as high as ten miles above the equator which has a
        great deal of humidity
E) the ozone layer is mainly held in the stratosphere

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